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Aren’t we all broken?

Oh, come on, don’t try to dodge it off. You are. And so am I.

This contemplating about we-all-are-broken thing, started when I was cleaning my bedroom, in the middle of the night — don’t ask me why did I do that, because I even once cleaned it at 3 AM. That mood just hit me out of the blue, I don’t have any idea why — then I found a watch sitting in the corner of my cupboard.

That watch, was a far-from-fancy watch that my father gave me on my fifteenth birthday. My father is an ordinary father who has no taste in fashion, he gave me a normal light pink watch without anything special in it.

But for a fifteen year-old me, at that time, that watch is a treasure. I have kept that watch for years since then. Even though now, the hour-hand isn’t moving anymore, the strap turns yellow, and some parts are rotten. It is still here. Right in the corner of my cupboard.

Man, you should get rid of that useless watch.

Yep, I know.

But, the problem is, that watch, no matter how useless it is now, it has a personal value for me. I wore it during my final test of high school. It was there, when I graduated and tried a university entrance test. Even it came together with me on my first day of internship.

But btw, between that happy time, I accidentally did torture it as well. It once fell when I put it on the table. The other days, I sat or spilled water on it.

With all the phases that it’s been going through, that ordinary watch turned into something special. It has stories that no one but me, can recognize it. Now, looking at that watch, has taught me a serious life lesson.

As the time walk by, we will get broken. It is unavoidable. Life has hit you, kicked you, smashed you. You can’t expect yourself to be as pure as when you were born. No matter how successful you are now, how high you’ve stand, and how big stories you’ve achieved, you are broken. Here and there. Inside and outside.

Yes, self-acceptance for me, is the most crucial part in life. Make peace with yourself. Everything in this world is running on the right track, and so are you. Your failure is right, your struggle is right, your success is right.

And I am telling you, that no matter how broken we are, we have our own value. All you need to do next, is find someone who can see that value in you. I mean — that watch won’t have the same value, if I gave it to you. You probably will toss it in a trash can less than a second after receiving it. What’s the point of keeping a useless watch?

That watch became matter, because I found it, it found me. You have to find someone who can respect your stories, love your broken parts, and discover your value.

And guess what, that person is no one, but you.

Cheers for every broken part inside us!

A lifelong learner